Monday, November 14, 2011

Francis Ferent Blogger's Night

Hey there!

Last week I went to the Francis Ferent Blogger's Night in Brussels.
To be honest, I did not know these stores, but I do know the brands they are selling.
When we came in, we were welcomed by the staff, who were really nice, and ofcourse quite stylish. We had a look around, took some pictures and then the owner gave a little speech.

They had freakin' Rubik's cubes to sit on!

I loved these two dresses, they were so pwetty!

Laced iPad and iPhone covers. Wish I had an iPhone..

Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater. You gotta love the faces!

Pretty shoes that would look very good in my closet :D

Yummie cupcakes!

I want this bag! It's so pretty!

Cute little black dress. A must in my closet :)

What so say about these shoes except for the fact that I need them!!

My next boyfriend is going to be dressed like this :)

After this part, it was our turn: we had to create a silhouette. When we were looking around I saw some great items, but I decided to go a different way. I started off with some colored pants and a little skincolored blouse. The search for a perfect coat, jacket or sweater was a bit more difficult, but then suddenly I took the fur coat off the rack. Next item was the bag, which I found quite easily. Shoes was a bit more difficult, I hesitated a while between the shoes above and these boots. Obviously, I went for the second option.

What do you think of my little silhouette?

I also just have to show you the one made by Shanah

Oh yeah, by the way, she won the contest organised by Francis Ferent. I'm so proud of her!

I had a great night at Francis Ferent, fell in love with some items, but my wallet doesn't quite likes it..



  1. Die cupcakes! omnomnomnomnom! En dan die geweldige mickey mouse flats? Wauw hebben! :D

  2. Les poufs rumikub sont trop chouettes! Et j'aimerais bien aussi le sac que tu veux hihi

    Des bisous,


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